Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the questions we are asked most often.

If you don’t find the answer you are looking for here, or need some more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Who is the parent company of Inovia?

Our parent company is StanChem Limited. You can visit their website here.

Does Inovia have a price list?

No, Inovia does not have a price list either for its ingredient division since prices are dependent upon the raw material pricing at that time, the quantity ordered, the packaging required and the method of shipment.

Does Inovia have a minimum order policy for its ingredient division?

No, Inovia does not have a formal minimum order policy. Although if you spend over £400 your delivery is free of charge within the UK. Please also note some small order surcharges apply.

Does Inovia have specific pack sizes for their ingredients and bases?

No, but we typically have standard pack sizes. However, in order to better serve our customers Inovia retains the flexibility to give the customers what they want.

Does Inovia supply organic products?

Yes, Inovia’s supplies a full range of Soil Association certified products including essential oils, carrier oils, cosmetic bases, extracts and other items.

Can Inovia manufacture unique and exclusive extracts?

Yes, we can tailor make extracts for customers and make them exclusive.

Does Inovia export?

Yes, Inovia exports to a wide range of countries in each continent of the world.

Does Inovia work through distributors?

In certain countries we do, we will inform you if you are in one of those countries and put you in contact with our distributor.

Can I obtain technical documents from your website?

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible although this is being worked upon with a view to introducing a web-portal in 2016.

Can I visit your facility?

Existing and potential customers are welcome to visit our facility.

Does Inovia employ cosmetic scientists?

Inovia’s technical team comprises on a number of cosmetic scientists.

Where can I obtain a list of Inovia products?

A list of our products is on our website, however this is not exhaustive. If the product you require is not listed, please enquire.

Does Inovia supply aromatherapists?

We do not supply individuals directly, but will supply Aromatherapy businesses.

Does Inovia have a minimum production run in its contract manufacturing division?

Inovia takes a flexible and commercial approach on the run sizes and doesn’t apply an absolute minimum run size. Typically a run size is required of 5,000 units or more.

Is Inovia organically certified?

Yes, Inovia is certified by the Soil Association and is also COMOS certified.

Do Inovia follow Good Manufacturing Practice?

Yes, Inovia manufacture under Good Manufacturing Practice.

Is Inovia ISO certified?

We are currently undergoing ISO13485:2003 certification, and aim for further ISO certification in 2016.

Do Inovia design packaging and labelling for the contract packing of cosmetic products?

No, although we can refer you to some companies we have worked with.

Does Inovia offer contract manufacturing on a full service basis?

Inovia is happy to discuss such a service to assist and aid supportive and commercially minded customers.

Do Inovia conduct stability trials?

Yes, stability trials are conducted on our cosmetic and personal care products.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept credit card payments.

How long does the development process take?

This is dependent upon the brief and the complexity of the item required. If we have a suitable base available this process can be shortened considerably, otherwise from brief to retail can be between 6-12 months. Please contact our contract manufacturing team for further information.

Do you have an animal testing policy on ingredients sourced?

Inovia conducts no animal testing.

Can Inovia offer hand gift packing under contract manufacturing?


Do I have to use only Inovia ingredients or can I supply my own?

Our contract manufacturing customers can supply ‘free issued’ materials.

Do you charge for consultancy work i.e. do I have to pay for development samples?

Typically, we do not charge for development samples but in some circumstances a charge may be levied depending upon the business done to date with the customer and the potential business available.

Is Inovia a member of SEDEX?

Yes, we are an associated member of SEDEX.

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